MEP Design & Execution

As our name suggests, we always strive to design & build energy efficient plants. MEP engineering is like giving life to plant. Our philosophy is to achieve lowest operational cost which helps plants to sustain. We optimize MEP system in the plants though proper engineering with high level of coordination during design stage among the teams. This is possible & efficiently implemented because all these are done under one roof. This reduces both Capital expenditure & Operational expenditure. We provide innovative solutions through least capital investment.

Mechanical piping (Utilities & Piping Engineering)

We have expertise in designing of all types of utilities & piping, integrating with process and interface of utilities and services with manufacturing process and further automation of such systems. Our vast experience helps us in precise designing of systems like Purified Water Systems, Water for Injection (WFI) systems, Pure steam system, Chilled water system, Hot water generation system, Condensate recovery system, Cooling water system etc., eliminating risks involved during commissioning & operation. These include compressed gases (compressed air, nitrogen etc.), Plant steam (high pressure & low pressure) etc.

We have expertise in design and execution of mechanical piping works like Chilled water piping, Hot water piping, Cooling water piping, Potable water piping, Condensate recovery system & its piping, Fire Hydrant Piping, Insulation of Hot water & Chilled water piping etc. which makes us a competent MEP consultancy company / MEP contractor.

We provide the following:

  • Utility utilisation matrix - room wise and equipment wise
  • Utility equipment list
  • Sizing & specification for utilities
  • Utility equipment layout
  • Risk assessment & mitigation
  • PID's for utilities like Steam, Condensate, Hot water, Cooling water, Chilled water, Vacuum, Compressed Air, Nitrogen etc.
  • Pump head calculations
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Preparation of BOQ (Bill of quantities) for Piping & Insulation
  • Release of GFC drawings
Electrical design

We do effective & safe integration of multiple Power sources and provide energy management features by design and solutions for uninterrupted power transfers using latest technology wherever synchronizing is not possible.

We have complete capability to design & execute both HT & LT electrical systems including DG sets, Transformers and Electrical HT/LT panels. Our teams have expertise to design any size of Electrical System from very large Industries to R&D centres, Warehouses, corporate offices and smaller offices using latest technology. We follow standards of NBC / ECBC / Local Statutory bodies like ESCOMS & Electrical Inspectorate.

We provide complete design solutions as mentioned below:

  • Room data sheets
  • Load calculations
  • UPS load calculations
  • Substation layout
  • Sizing of HT breakers & substation
  • Backup power calculations
  • Sizing of captive power plant and combination of DG sets
  • Preparation of SLD & BOQ
  • Cable tray layouts
  • Cable schedule with specifications
  • Providing drawings like lighting layout, power layout, GA drawings etc.
  • Earth pits & Earthing layouts
  • Lightning arrestors
  • Sizing of switchgears, Transformers, DG sets and UPS
  • Designing of HT & LT panels
  • BOQ for HT & LT panels with specifications
  • Tender specifications
  • Critical load calculations & separation of critical loads
  • Preparation, review and release of GFC
  • Checklists for installation
  • Test procedures and report formats
  • Designing of Low Voltage Systems like Voice & Data networking, Access Control System, CCTV and Door Interlocking System.
  • Fire Alarm System & Public Address System

Our Plumbing design team take in to consideration the water conservation in every design they make. Initiatives like water recovery and water recirculation and condensate recovery are envisaged in the initial stages of design in order to ensure that they are adopted & implemented successfully. Plumbing designing is done as per NBC / UPC (uniform plumbing code) standards.

We provide design & procedures for following systems:

  • Safe transportation of water (without contamination), receiving & storage
  • Water Pre-treatment & Distribution
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Effluent treatment Plant & Reuse of treated water
  • Sewage treatment plant & Reuse of treated water
  • Hydro-pneumatic system & automation of pumping arrangement
  • Storm water management systems
  • Effluent treatment Plant & Reuse of treated water
  • Sewage treatment plant & Reuse of treated water
  • Hydro-pneumatic system & automation of pumping arrangement
  • Storm water management systems