HVAC System & Clean Rooms

In a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, area conditions impact the product being manufactured. A poor HVAC System can be a potential source of contamination. GMP regulations require a quality approach to manufacturing to minimize or eliminate contamination. HVAC systems are crucial to pharmaceutical manufacturing because they control the manufacturing environment. A deeper understanding of HVAC and environmental control is essential to ensure the quality product.

A good HVAC design involves determination of key parameters like temperature, humidity, differential pressure between clean rooms, filtration, air flow and classification of clean rooms. It also involves selection of material/equipment & finishes, positioning of process equipment & HVAC accessories within processing area and flow of personal and material.


Basic expectation of HVAC system in pharmaceutical manufacturing facility is to control airborne particles and micro-organisms and maintain temperature, humidity and room pressure.

Green Leap is proficient in designing of Clean Rooms to support linear process flow & efficient operation. Green Leap designs HVAC systems & Clean Rooms considering ease of operation, efficiency, maintenance & compliance. It emphasizes on optimized space utilization through efficient design & effective integration.

We design not only large HVAC systems for plants but also for R&D centres, Warehouses, corporate offices and smaller offices using VRF.

We follow ASHRAE / SMACNA / EU GMP / ISO 14644 standards and provide following services.

  • Design brief
  • Area classification layout
  • Area zoning layout
  • Pressure cascade layout
  • Room data sheets
  • Heat load calculations
  • Air Flow Diagrams
  • AHU Layout
  • RCP layout
  • PID for CHW and HW systems
  • Integration drawings required for clean room modular system, civil and electrical
  • Ducting layout
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Preparation of BOQ
  • Checklists for installation
  • Test procedures and report formats
  • Validation protocols
  • Qualification & Validation support