Building Automation System, Safety & Security Systems and Low Voltage Systems

BMS (Building Management System) & EMS (Environmental Management System):

HVAC control using BMS (Building Management System) in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility is one of the most important and critical activities. BMS provides a lot of assistance to operation, maintenance, data logging, alarm management and compliance management if understood and implemented properly. GLP team has hands on experience in identifying critical needs especially with respect to data logging and data management & effectively implementing BMS & EMS (Environment monitoring System).

Low Voltage Systems (LVS)

Designing of Safety and security systems like Fire Alarm, Access Control, Door Interlock, CCTV, Public Address etc. for any facility needs a lot amount of understanding of processes and systems. The challenges are big in a pharmaceutical manufacturing/R&D setup especially in sterile areas. GLP has all the knowledge necessary to overcome such challenges and implement them without any compromise with respect to GMP.

We design BMS / EMS / LVS complying to 21 CFR part 11 & GAMP 5 and provide the following.

  • Room data sheets
  • Concept Note for BMS and EMS
  • Design brief
  • Basis of design & I/O Summary
  • PID’s showing control logics
  • Development of layouts indicating locations
  • Circuit drawings
  • Components specification data sheets
  • BOQ with specifications for BMS & EMS
  • BOQ with specifications for Voice & Data networking
  • BOQ with specifications for all the LVS like Fire alarm system, Access control system, Door interlocking system, CCTV, Public address system and Central clock system
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Preparation of BOQ
  • Data logging
  • Alarm management & escalation
  • Voice & Data networking,
  • Access Control System, CCTV and Door Interlocking System.
  • Fire Alarm System & Public Address System