Increased pressures on times have forced companies into thinking of improving operational efficiency and effectiveness. In depth scrutiny of the process, from the Regulatory perspective have led to an increase in data storage and record keeping. Automation of the different components of a plant can provide the means to address several of these challenges.

Green Leap follows a philosophy of automation that integrates the different automation islands by harnessing the standard interfaces with suitable binding pieces to create an infrastructure which can be adapted to address various concerns.

How would it be if an operator did not have to record key actions, but an automation system faithfully record events of interest while freeing the operator to work as he is trained to? Green Leap’s automation philosophy is to provide such components, integrating hardware and software elements and the higher layer of software which will not only meet the regulatory requirements but also that of all the other stakeholders such as top management, operators, supervisors and executives

Automation Solutions:
  • Work Flow Recording
  • Environmental Monitoring / Critical Equipment Monitoring using SCADA with Alarm & Data logging
  • Process Automation and BMS/IBMS
  • Resource Management Tool.
  • Wireless solutions for Remote Operation of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and STP (Sewage Treatment Plant)
  • Automated Console for Sterile Area Intervention Logging.